What’s your story?

Everyone has a story; those moments, events, decisions, circumstances, and patterns that combine to make us who we are today. As Christians, disciples of Jesus, we all have stories of our spiritual walk with Christ that evidence His great work in and through us. Throughout the New Testament we view the apostles and disciples appealing … Continue reading What’s your story?

Our ultimate allegiance

Jesus makes clear, in no uncertain terms, in Luke 14:25-33 what it takes to be an authentic disciple of Christ: nothing less than ultimate allegiance to Him above all else. As Christians, this is (or should be) our primary identity. We are, unfortunately, often pulled in a hundred different directions towards people and things that … Continue reading Our ultimate allegiance

Entire Sanctification: Power to Love God and What God Loves — Vital Piety

Discipleship, sanctification, and the fullness of the whole gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ that extends beyond justification and forgiveness have been recurring themes for me recently. I touched on all these this past Sunday with our congregation as we uncovered Jesus's admonishment to make disciples and teach them all that had been commanded by … Continue reading Entire Sanctification: Power to Love God and What God Loves — Vital Piety

Salvation is more than you think – SeedBed

Here is an excellent, short article by Rob Mehner published on SeedBed.com today regarding the fullness of scriptural salvation and how the gospel is so often reduced to bits and pieces. Mehner states, "Justification, having our sins forgiven, is truly amazing and celebrated, but it is not the whole picture of biblical salvation...God wants us … Continue reading Salvation is more than you think – SeedBed