What is evangelical?

I am unashamedly an evangelical. It's one of the few labels I generally don't mind carrying, except that the term has been hijacked and twisted by media outlets and various other individuals and organizations so that it can be manipulated to mean nearly anything they want it to mean. Being an evangelical doesn't mean I … Continue reading What is evangelical?


Jesus is Lord!

If I were ever asked to provide a short, succinct summary of the gospel, it would be these three words: Jesus is Lord. He is Lord of our justification. He is Lord of our salvation, and He is Lord of our sanctification. Jesus is also Lord of our lives. If we believe these things to … Continue reading Jesus is Lord!

Salvation is more than you think – SeedBed

Here is an excellent, short article by Rob Mehner published on SeedBed.com today regarding the fullness of scriptural salvation and how the gospel is so often reduced to bits and pieces. Mehner states, "Justification, having our sins forgiven, is truly amazing and celebrated, but it is not the whole picture of biblical salvation...God wants us … Continue reading Salvation is more than you think – SeedBed